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Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

Wall-mounted toilets are now more popular than they were. They are compact in size hence will let you save some space in your bathroom. However, since they are attached to the wall, they have a lower weight capacity than normal toilets that are installed on the floor.

Did you know that you can increase your wall hung or floating toilet weight limit from 500 pounds to 1000 pounds by using support? Here’s how you can install wall-mounted toilet support. 

Installing your Toilet Support

  • Before you install your toilet support, ensure that you clean underneath your wall-mounted toilet. You can use an alcohol swab to clean the bottom of your toilet.
  • On the bottom of your wall hung toilet, find a place where your support will fit snugly. If your wall hung toilet has a raised porcelain section on the bottom, you can remove the insert of your toilet support to make it fit snugly on the toilet.
  • You can then screw the leg of the support on the floor so that it fits snugly. Make sure that the support is level and perpendicular to the floor. 
  • After your support is installed, you can apply caulking underneath your toilet to seal the joint between it and the support. Your wall mounted toilet support is now properly installed. 

Why You Should Switch to a Wall Mounted Toilet

Besides saving on space, wall-mounted toilets have several other benefits that make them good options for modern bathrooms. 

  • You Decide on the Height

When installing a wall hung toilet in your bathroom, you have the privilege of deciding how high you want it to be. You will have total control of your comfort level and how you would like to customize your bathroom. 

  • Easy Cleaning

For floor-mounted toilets, it’s usually difficult to clean the floor area where the toilet is attached. You first have to scrub the area before you can mop it. When you have a wall-mounted toilet, you will have an easy time cleaning it and cleaning your bathroom. You will even mop the floor underneath your toilet or toilet seat with a lot of ease.

  • Hidden Water Tank

Although the installation process is usually trickier than for normal one-piece toilets, once it’s done, your bathroom will look sleek and nice. You will also have a lot of spare room. 

  • Stylish

Their minimalistic design makes them look more stylish than traditional toilets. You will also have more options in terms of how you would like to design your bathroom. 


wall mounted toilet support

Since wall mounted toilet weight limit is around 500 pounds, you might want to increase it to ensure that your toilet does not get detached off the wall when a heavy person sits on it. The best way to do this is to install a wall-mounted toilet support. 

There are several brands of wall hung toilet supports in the market. You can choose one that will be suitable for you. 

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