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What Are Toilets Made Of?

So, what material are toilets made of? A toilet is actually made out of porcelain in most instances. If you look for toilets specifically you’re going to find these options. The alternative is generally either plastic, concrete or wood, though these are not as common and will generally not be as comfortable as porcelain toilets. You want to make sure that you’re getting a toilet that is more comfortable and also more durable. Plastic toilets are generally not going to be durable. Concrete and wood are not as comfortable and though they may last, they’re not something that you’re going to want to use on a daily or more common basis. 

Are you wondering why are toilets made of porcelain? There are a number of different reasons that toilets are made of porcelain. In fact, we’ve already mentioned a few things that you should know and there are a few other things that you’ll want to take a look at when it comes to choosing your toilet. In general you’re looking at toilets that are made with porcelain for durability and comfort reasons, but there’s also the fact that it’s going to be simple to clean, smooth and easy to form. 

Easy to Clean – A toilet that’s made of porcelain is going to have no pores. This means that it doesn’t have little pock marks or divots in the material, even ones that are so small you can’t see them. The importance is that you’re not going to have any areas where dirt, debris or anything else can get stuck and thus make it harder for you to clean it out. 

Cut Bacteria – When it comes to products that do have pores (like wood, concrete and plastic) you’re going to have the opportunity for bacteria to grow. This is especially true when it comes to toilets because there’s so much bacteria in your bathroom. With a porcelain toilet you don’t have to worry about the bacteria that can build up because there are no pores for the bacteria to start growing and continue working into. 

Easy to Shape – When it comes to the overall design of the toilet porcelain is a great way to go because it’s going to give you the most versatility. Porcelain is easy to mold and shape, which makes it easy for professionals and companies to form into different shapes as well as developing the different drains, lids and more that need to go into the process at the same time. 

Corrosion Free – There’s nothing to corrode when it comes to a porcelain toilet because of the material. It doesn’t oxidize either. These are important traits because they mean that you’re going to have a safer toilet that is designed to last a whole lot longer than other materials that you need to care for very carefully in order to keep them protected. This is true more so for concrete and wood toilets that start to break down without proper care. 

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